About us

About us

Vene-Balti Port is located on the Kopli peninsula in Tallinn. The size of our port water area is 168.3 hectares. We are open to ships year-round.

Vene-Balti Port provides towing and mooring services for ships. Our berths are equipped with essential infrastructure for the supply of fresh water, compressed air and electric power.

Founded in 2000, Vene-Balti Sadam OÜ is subsidiary of BLRT Grupp, the largest industrial holding in the Baltics. As a port authority, we are involved in berth management, enabling berthing, providing mooring services, organizing of water traffic in port’s waters and entrances, assisting towing and lifting with tugs and floating crane.

The following industrial enterprises and service companies, subsidiaries of BLRT Grupp, operate in the Vene-Balti Port:

  • BLRT ERA – electrical services
  • Baltic Premator – сleaning and painting of ships and metal constructions
  • BLRT Rekato – production, repairs and testing of marine and industrial piping, heat exchanges and ship boilers
  • BLRT Transiit – loading and unloading of bulk and standard cargo, rent out storage areas, loading and strengthening of large steel structures
  • ELME TKS – inspection and testing of metals and welded joints
  • ELME Trans – logistic and equipment rental services
  • Marketex Marine – shipbuilding
  • Marketex Offshore Constructions – complex steel structures for Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewables, Infrastructure and Industrial projects
  • Mereabi – maintenance of marine equipment and appliances
  • Tallinn Shipyard – ship maintenance, repair and conversion
  • Tehnomet Survey – technical inspection of vessels, steel inspection and testing, technical supervision of the quality of ship repairs