General Services

Vene-Balti port provides the following services:


    Vene-Balti port provides two tugboats with 1200 and 1600 horsepower capacity for conducting mooring and towage operations in the port aquatorium and beyond. Navigation area of the 1200 horsepower tugboat is up to five miles from the shore, and the one of the 1600 horsepower tugboat is unlimited. Port offers such services as delivering the representatives of the controlling units, crew members and supplies on the board of the roadstead vessels, and the towage of injured vessels to the target port.


    Floating cranes with carrying capacity from 35 to 100 tonnes enable to perform dredging operations, and to load and unload vessels. Floating cranes can work all around Estonia.


    Vene-Balti port offers moorings with total length of 2.3 km allowing to process any kind of freight and receive vessels for repair and settling. There are equipped moorings in the northern harbour that accept 185 metre tankers with draft of 11 metres. The moorings are provided with portal cranes with carrying capacity of 10 to 32 tonnes, a power supply system, compressed air, fire water (seawater) and freshwater, as well as telephone wiring.


    Pilotage services are offered in order to conduct secure manoeuvring of vessels in port aquatorium, to lead them into a roadstead and back to port.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information, please contact port administration.